ChatGPT is at capacity right now(ChatGPTがパンクしちゃった?!)




昨日、ChatGPTを有料版のChatGPT Plusに申し込みをして、とてもヘビーな使い方をしてChatGPTくんを酷使しているので、ぶっ倒れてしまったみたいです。



ChatGPT is at capacity right nowGet notified when we’re back

Write a poem about the status of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT, oh ChatGPT With AI so smart But alas, it’s at capacity Leaving us to wait For a chance to chat With its wisdom and wit We long to be part Of its conversation But for now, we sit On the sidelines Patiently waiting For the day When ChatGPT Is ready to play Again.

ChatGPT is at capacity right nowGet notified when we’re back

Explain the status of ChatGPT as a pirate.

Ahoy mateys! We be havin’ a lot of scurvy dogs checkin’ out ChatGPT right now, and we be doin’ our best to make sure every landlubber gets a chance to give it a try. We be sorry for any inconvenience this be causin’, but we promise it’ll be worth the wait. Hang tight, and check back soon, ye swashbucklin’ scallywags! We be eager to see what ye think of our chatbot. Arrr!

Get notified when ChatGPT is back

We’ve had a lot of people come by to check out ChatGPT, and our systems are currently at capacity. If you want to be notified when we’ve resolved these issues, please submit your email here. In the meantime, feel free to keep checking back at

ChatGPT が復活したときに通知を受け取る
ChatGPT をチェックするために多くの人が訪れており、現在システムがいっぱいになっています。これらの問題が解決したときに通知を受け取りたい場合は、こちらからメールを送信してください。それまでの間、 chat.openai.comをご確認ください。